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Read our Terms and conditions to be able to understand how your Ads are charged.
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For Lipa Na Mpesa

For Lipa Na Mpesa

Post Advert in Site front-end

Click on "Add new Advert" menu => You can see the form with below fields.
Read the explanation below to fill it.

Property Description
Title Name of your advert. (Mandatory).
Category Select category to which your advert belongs to. (Mandatory).
Price Enter the cost of your advert and select your currency type.
Tag Select the tag to be added to your advert.
Description Describe your advert in few lines.
YouTube video Paste the link of your advert YouTube video.
Images Browse images of your advert.
Address Enter your address.
Location Select your location.
Postal Code Enter your area’s postal code.
Phone Number Enter Phone number.
Meta keywords Enter keywords about your advert.
Meta Description Enter the detailed explanation of your advert.
Membership Select membership under which your advert to be published.

If membership is free, your ad just gets posted. Else if it is a paid membership, choose your mode of payment, you will be redirected to the transaction page and then you will be back to store

Promotion Promote your ad, if it wants to be in top level.

If you promote your ad, you will be redirected to the transaction page, and then you will be back to store

Terms and Conditions Finally agree to the site owners 'Terms & Conditions'.

- That's it. Save the form. You have successfully posted.


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Payment Options