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By Alex, Ronoh

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What comes to mind when someone close to you or even a relative or a friend informs you that they’re going to India? Well most of the time our assumptions are inclined towards “medical reasons”. It is not entirely wrong to think along those lines bearing in mind that in the last decade, India has fast become a favorite choice destination for affordable and top notch health services. The most common treatments sought are, cancer, organ transplant, cosmetic surgery, dental care and heart surgery. Therefore the term medical tourism basically refers to people from different walks of life visiting a country or a region to seek quality and affordable medical treatment.

A few years ago, Britex Air Travel and Tours realized that many ailing Kenyans were struggling to get treatment locally as a result of many factors including but not limited to financial, infrastructural, technological and health insurance policies. At Britex our goal is to ensure that our clients get to Pune in India without much hustle and be treated by the best doctors and technology that rivals even the West. Research has shown that the healthcare industry, medical infrastructure and technology in India are at par with those in USA, UK and Europe. Pune can vie with some of the best hospitals and treatment centers in the world, and therefore makes it a favorable destination.

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Pune is the second largest city in the Indian state of Maharashtra after Mumbai. It is the ninth most populous city in India with an estimated population of 3.13 million. According to a survey by WTTC, by January 2017, 3.3 million travelers had already visited India, spending close to $ 5 billion. The domestic travel is also not left behind witnessing rapid growth. The World Travel and Tourism Council have forecast that medical tourism will grow at a rapid rate of 8.8% per year for the next ten years, the highest in the world. Pune is recognized as the medical province in India and renowned for its affordability.

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Britex Air Travel and Tours shall provide the following services to our esteemed clients;

  • Affordable and discounted Air Tickets.
  • A SIM card with a phone loaded with airtime shall be provided to the patient before departure.
  • Timely Visa processing.
  • Airport transfer from your home to JKIA and and from Airport in India to hospital or accommodation point.
  • Wide selection of hospitals to choose from.
  • We provide access to good and quality accommodation.
  • Reliable and genuine contacts in India.
  • Standby caregiver/taker just in case you’re traveling alone.
  • Affordable hospitals.
  • Well trained medical personnel.
  • Alternative treatment will be availed.

Moreover, the Government of India through their tourism ministry has recently established a National Medical & Wellness and Tourism Board in order to provide a dedicated institutional framework for promoting medical tourism. This has led to an introduction an e-Medical visa which has been extended to the nationals of 161 countries. The window for application of e-Visa has also been decided to be increased from 30 days to 120 days and duration of stay from 30 days to 60 days with triple entry on e-Medical visa. All these positive gains have led to the growth in Medical Tourism in India in the past few years.

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Your health and that of your loved ones is very paramount, money should not hinder you from accessing quality medical care. Not anymore. “Proceed and start your treatment first and pay later”, no more will you be required to pay for what you don’t know. Having negotiated special rates for your travel, we guarantee affordable return tickets, travel permit, necessary documents and accommodation for your loved ones while in India at minimal rates.

The patient shall proceed to Pune and commence treatment immediately as the family and friends raise the full amount needed. The full estimate of the treatment will be determined after a full diagnostic procedure of the patient is done by the resident doctor at the treatment facility. Before leaving the country the patient will undergo a one on one consultation with a doctor to ascertain the mode of treatment.

Technology is a key aspect in emerging medical practices. India has over 300 trained robotic surgeons and these surgeons – robot-assisted – are performing complicated surgeries like organ reconstruction and removal, coronary artery bypass and surgery on tissues damaged by cancer. Whilst cost of procurement for these devices remain high, but the speed at which technology is gaining traction means that in a few years to come, costs will significantly drop.

Our doctors through our partners in Pune, India are ready to offer the best medical treatment. Proceed and start your treatment first and pay later. Britex Air Travel and Tours has so far air lifted a significant number of patients to Pune; we can proudly say that we are the number one medical tourism facilitator and provider in the region. We pride ourselves in knowing that our clients shall get a peace of mind and access to affordable and quality healthcare. Don’t let financial and logistical hurdles prevent you and your loved ones from accessing top of the line medical care, visit us at Dam Estate, suite 16 along Langata road or contact us via our email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..Our telephone number is 0741 525 972.

You cannot afford to miss this, call us for more details. Have yourself a healthy day won`t you!

Britex Air Travel And Tours, Your World Your Way.

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